Graduating Seniors - Full Time Paid Research Position in Neuroscience Lab
University of Rochester - Romanski Lab
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Posted 93 days ago
40 hours/week
Class of 2023
Decision by 03/15/2024
Natural and Biomedical Sciences
Biological Sciences: Neuroscience
Full time paid research position for graduating senior as a research technician. The projects will include animal training, data analysis, maintaining laboratory inventory and assisting in neurophysiological recording experiments. Work is described on our laboratory website:
Desired Experience
Major/Minor in Neuroscience, Brain & Cognitive Sciences or Biomedical Engineering with coursework in biology, neuroscience, cognition, perception or other related coursework. Laboratory experience with animals a plus (can be through coursework). Excellent communication skills are required. Familiarity with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are required.
About the Mentor

Lizabeth Romanski

Professor at Romanski Lab
Brain and Cognitive Sciences
I am a professor in the Neuroscience Dept. at the medical school investigating how neurons in the prefrontal cortex process and integrate face and voice information. We are recording neuronal signals from the prefrontal cortex of nonhuman primates.