We're on a mission to get every undergraduate involved in research.
AURA is a platform that makes research more accessible by providing an easy way to find and apply to on campus research opportunities.
How we got here
The University of Rochester's Office of Undergraduate rRsearch (https://www.rochester.edu/college/ugresearch/) reached out to Roclab, a student run software development club. They began collaborating on AURA, a new way to find undergraduate research.
In collaboration with the University of Rochester's Office of Undergraduate Research, development of AURA starts. The first version saw over 100 unique opportunities posted, and was an instant success.
Joinaura.io launched, an updated version of AURA available for all universities to use. The new version includes profiles, integrated applications, research group postings, and lots more.
We strive to be
Any college student should be able to find research with AURA.
AURA should make your life easier, not harder.
Everything you do in AURA should be intuitive and well, simple.
Spending hours on AURA should be your decision, not ours.
Made with by
Carson and Michael