Markerless 3D tracking of marmoset monkeys
University of Rochester
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Posted 44 days ago
20 hours/week
In-Person, Remote, Hybrid
Class of 2026, 2025, 2024, 2023
Decision by 05/25/2023
Engineering/ Math/ Computer Science
Computer Science, Data Science
The applicant will join an ongoing project consisting of setting up 3D tracking of marmoset monkeys based on labels obtained from a multi-camera set-up. DeepLabCut, a deep neural network based tool for markerless pose estimation, has been used to obtain labels in 2D. The applicant's role in the project will be to assist with implementing the next step where Anipose, which builds on DeepLabCut, will be used for 3D triangulation. The applicant will not be directly handling animals.
Desired Experience
Proficient in Python and/or MATLAB and some familiarity with machine vision and deep neural networks (not necessary but would be helpful)
About the Mentor

Dora Biro

Biological Sciences: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Biology, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Computer Science, Psychology
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