Make opportunities accessible to undergraduates with AURA
Provide increased visibility to your research opportunities for undergraduates by listing them on AURA. Improve equity of access while reducing the number of emails you have to answer.
Create a listing
Advertise an opportunity on AURA
Manage your listings
Manage listing settings and applicants
Explore other mentor's postings
Improve Access
Help students easily
identify and apply to
opportunities, taking
away the anxiety of
cold emailing.
Answer Fewer Emails
Use custom filters like
major or graduation
year to control who can
apply to your opportunities.
Get Better Applications
Create custom questions for
students to answer, meaning
more of your applicants will
have a genuine interest in
your lab.
Fill out one form
Share your opportunity
Discoverable directly on AURA
Custom URL
QR Code
Review student applications
Applications delivered by email
View applications on the AURA website
Filter who can apply to your opportunity
Start using AURA by filling out a simple form to create a listing for your research group or project. Specify details about the project, expectations for students, and custom application questions for students to answer when expressing interest. Once you create a listing, our administrative team will review the contents of the listing before making it available to students. You can create a listing with or without creating an account!
Once you make your listing, it will automatically be advertised to students on your campus to apply to! In addition, you will automatically be provided with a link you can send to students, a QR code you can put on posters or flyers, and an HTML snippet you can put on your website. For no extra work, you can give students more pathways to research than they've ever had.
Every time you get an application, we'll send you and email with all of the student's information! We'll also keep all the applications available from within the listings management page so you can come back to look at them later! You can even choose to only allow applications from students with certain attributes, like majors or graduation years.
Let's help great projects find
great students.
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