University of Rochester FAQ

1. I don’t see a research project listing that is appropriate for me. Are these the only undergraduate research opportunities available at UR?

No. Many professors and research mentors do not post their available positions on AURA. Guidance on how to identify other research opportunities is available at the Office of Undergraduate research website (

2. I am interested in a posted project, but I have some questions about it (e.g., regarding qualifications, time commitment, etc.). Who can I contact for more information regarding a specific posting before I apply?

You can directly contact the project mentor listed in the project posting.

3. I have applied for a position, and the “Decision By” date has passed. However, I have not received a response back. What should I do?

First, contact the project mentor and ask for an update on the status of your application. If you still don’t hear back, contact the Office of Undergraduate Research ( and let us know. We will try to contact the project mentor on your behalf.

4. I would like to apply for a posting, but I need help with my resume and cover letter. Where can I go for help?

Contact the Office of Undergraduate Research ( for help and advice regarding your resume and cover letter.

5. I would like to apply for a Discover grant. Are the postings on AURA appropriate for this grant?

Potentially. If you are interested in applying for a Discover grant (, you should discuss this with the project mentor when you apply for the position. The Discover grant application has specific deadlines and requires the mentor to complete some sections of the proposal. This process needs to be coordinated with the mentor.

6. Can I apply to multiple project postings?

Yes. But we recommend that you avoid using a “scattershot” strategy and applying to a large number of projects. Ideally, you should identify and apply only to projects that are within your specific areas of interest. This will allow you to put together more targeted and compelling applications.