Managing applicants to your listing

Once your AURA listing is approved, you'll need to start managing your applicants. AURA provides a number of tools to help you customize your opportunity's application process. These include exporting your opportunity, controlling your opportunities visibility and applicant filters, editing the questions asked to applicants, and exporting your applicants list. Let's explore what each section in the applicant management dashboard does.


This section is dedicated to exporting your opportunity. This is where you can copy HTML to embed in your website, copy a direct link to your application, and get a QR code to apply to your listing. Having an external way to reach your listing helps improve the accessibility of your opportunity by funneling students to the right place from all over the internet.

Visibility & Filters

This section is dedicated to controlling who can see and apply to your opportunity. There a three individual settings to be found here. The first setting under "Visibility" controls whether or not your opportunity can appear in an AURA search. If you select "private", students will only be able to apply to your opportunity if you directly provide them with the link. If you select "public", your opportunity will appear in search results on the AURA website. Next, there are two settings under "Applicant Filters." These settings help you control who can apply to your project. The first setting, "University Affiliation" allows you to choose whether or not a student needs to attend your university to apply. The next setting, "Allowed Field(s) of Study" allows you to choose what majors students must be pursuing to apply to your listing. By leaving this blank, you can allow students of any major to apply

Application Form

Here, you can write questions students must respond to when applying to your listing. You can create as many questions as you would like, but we recommend that you limit your questions to less than five. You can also use these fields to request additional information that students may not have in their profile, like asking for a link to a transcript.


This is where each applicant to your opportunity will appear. You can see the answers to all your application questions here, as well as some basic information about the student. You'll also receive a link to the students AURA profile. If you scroll to the bottom of this section, you'll also have the opportunity to export the applications to a CSV file. This is helpful for opportunities receiving large amounts of applications.