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Biological Sciences: Cell and Developmental Biology, Biology
Natural and Biomedical Sciences
Our research interests are in the field of cyclic nucleotide signaling and cardiovascular biology, with a particular focus on cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases (PDEs) that catalyze the hydrolysis of cyclic nucleotide second messengers (cAMP and cGMP). cAMP and cGMP regulate a wide variety of cardiac functions, from the short-term effects on myocyte contraction/ relaxation to long-term effects such as gene expression and structural remodeling. To identify the PDE isozymes altered in disease hearts, we have performed initial screening for PDEs that are altered in diseased hearts. The expression of a number of PDE isozymes is changed: some are up-regulated and some are down-regulated. The ongoing and future studies are aimed to determine the role and mechanism of these altered PDEs in cardiac remodeling and dysfunction through genetic and pharmacological approaches. To learn more about our research visit: https://www.urmc.rochester.edu/cardiovascular-research-institute/research/yan.aspx. We are seeking undergraduate students who are interested in cardiovascular biology and molecular biology. The student will have the opportunity to become fully involved with all the steps of research being completed in our laboratory, often working directly with Dr. Vivian Si Chen. The student can attend weekly group zoom meeting.