Ultrasound Tomography Center
University of Rochester
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Applied Mathematics, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics
Engineering/ Math/ Computer Science
We are a multidisciplinary group of scientists, engineers, and physicians working to bring a new ultrasound-based medical imaging platform to the clinic. Most conventional ultrasound systems only use reflected waves to create images of the tissue. This approach can be limited in its capability to quantitatively characterize tissue. Ultrasound tomography uses both the waves reflected by AND transmitted through tissue to fully characterize the material properties of the tissue. Specifically, we observe that these material properties distort the ultrasound wave as it passes through the tissue. These same distortions allow us to interrogate and recover the material properties within the tissue of interest. Our group integrates the latest advances in hardware development and algorithm design to translate these ideas to a clinically relevant imaging modality. We are looking for highly motivated students for both hardware development and algorithm design. Interested students should have a strong interest in some or all of the following categories: acoustics, numerical modeling, signal processing, inverse problems, waveform inversion, computational imaging, and/or imaging hardware design. We expect students to come with a background in MATLAB (or an equivalent language). C/C++ experience (especially CUDA) would be an additional bonus as we also plan to accelerate existing algorithms using GPUs.