Romanski Lab
University of Rochester
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Biological Sciences: Neuroscience
Natural and Biomedical Sciences
The Romanski Lab is a neuroscience research lab investigating the brain circuits and neuronal mechanisms that underlie social communication. In particular we are studying how single neurons in the prefrontal cortex bring together face and vocal information when we communicate. This involves neuronal recordings in animal subjects while they look at movies of other animals vocalizing. We are also investigating the anatomy of the prefrontal cortex and determining what brain regions our face-processing neurons receive their information from. We have positions for undergraduate students to assist in these projects. The work will include anatomical circuit tracing on a digitized microscope system, data analysis using excel, MATLAB, and other programs for our neuronal recordings and training of animals in memory tasks. It is possible to sample some time in all three projects if interested. This can be done as a 1 credit research course or as volunteer work. There is the possibility of a full time paid research position after graduation in June 2024.