Porosoff Lab
University of Rochester
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Chemical Engineering
Engineering/ Math/ Computer Science
The Porosoff group focuses on developing new catalysts for upgrading C1 and C2 resources (CO2, CO, CH4, C2H6) for efficient energy storage and low-cost production of plastics, chemicals and fuels. Understanding the relationships between chemical reactivity and catalyst electronic/structure properties is extremely important for developing catalysts that exploit particular reaction pathways. This approach requires controlled synthesis of catalysts combined with in situ techniques and theoretical calculations. In particular, target areas of research are three types of catalytic reactions for improved shale gas utilization and lowering CO2 emissions: (I) Catalyst development for CO2 hydrogenation, (II) Selective synthesis of light olefins from CO and H2 and (III) Catalytic dehydrogenation of light alkanes to olefins by CO2. Experimental work combines a mix of catalyst synthesis and characterization, reactor studies and in situ spectroscopy.