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Biological Sciences: Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics
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Fluid mixing is both beautiful and devilishly difficult to understand, predict, or control. Our research team, led by Prof. Douglas H. Kelley, studies how flows and the materials they carry change over space and time, primarily with application to cerebrospinal fluid flow in the brain and to liquid metals technologies. Brain cerebrospinal fluid flows through the recently-discovered glymphatic system, which evacuates metabolic wastes to prevent diseases like Alzheimer's, but can also malfunction in situations like stroke or traumatic brain injury. Fluid flow affects the performance of liquid metal batteries, a grid-scale storage technology, and the efficiency of aluminum manufacture, which uses 3% of worldwide electricity. Our research team studies these problems with a combination of experiments, simulations, and theory. Undergraduate researchers work in collaboration with each other and/or with PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, building skills and taking creative ownership of their own efforts. Undergraduate researchers on the team frequently coauthor peer-reviewed journal articles and present at international research conferences. Valuable skills for undergraduate applicants include -- but are not limited to -- coding, machining / fabrication, computer simulation / drawing, and writing. We value interpersonal diversity and encourage all to apply. Students need not be upperclassmen to apply. More information is available on the team website.