Active Perception Laboratory
University of Rochester
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Biological Sciences: Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Computer Science, Data Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Engineering Science, Optics, Visual Science
Engineering/ Math/ Computer Science, Natural and Biomedical Sciences
A research assistant position is available in the Active Perception Laboratory ( in the Department Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the university of Rochester. Research in the lab focuses on understanding the interplay between eye movements and vision using a combination of behavioral, computational, high-resolution retinal imaging and evoked potentials (EEG) techniques ( Responsibilities will depend on the applicant interests and background. They could include any of the following: experimental data collection with human subjects with eyetracking and/or EEG, implementation of experimental protocols, contribution to the development of novel eyetracking techniques (for candidates with an Optics and /or Engineering background), analysis of behavioral data, collection and analysis of high-resolution retinal images, alignment and calibration of optical devices for eyetracking and retinal imaging (for candidates with an Optics background). Quantitative skills and some computer programming skills are desirable. This position is ideal for someone interested in obtaining experience in vision and neuroscience research, and in improving quantitative and computational skills, with the goal of applying to graduate school.