Active Perception Lab
University of Rochester
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Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Natural and Biomedical Sciences
Paid part-time lab manager position in the Active Perception Lab in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences Typical Duties Managing petty cash: refill the small money bank every day. Once a year, report any taxable payments to the university. Purchasing lab equipment: monitor the purchase log, submit purchase requests to admin, keep track of orders, and physically carry all deliveries to the lab. Research subjects recruitment and advertising: post flyer ads on campus on a regular basis. Connect the prospective subjects to lab personnel. Onboarding: onboarding new lab members. Internal Review Board (IRB): ensure compliance with the IRB and Human Subject Protection Review Board using the ClickIRB platform system. Adding and removing people from the list approved by IRB. Modify IRB documents (study protocol, consent form, screening script) as necessary. Complete a Continuing review that is required every year. Eyetracker maintenance: assist in the execution of maintenance tests on lab experimental equipment. Website and social media: update lab website and twitter. Lab meeting scheduling: organize the lab calendar for weekly lab meetings. Qualifications Proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel. Ability to log information on various platforms (Notion, ClickIRB, RedCap). Organized, responsible and proactive.