ADK Climate Project
University of Rochester
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Dance, Studio Arts, Sustainability
Humanities/ Performance
The ADK Climate Project connects climate change to personal narrative unsing a mobile recording studio that travels through the Adirondack Park. These captured climate narratives are subsequently provided to artists who create artworks in response. The aim is to promote climate action by highlighting our humanity, sharing and reflecting on the local consequences of climate change, as opposed to relying exclusively on scientific data. Because half of the Adirondack Park belongs to all the people of New York State and is constitutionally protected to remain a “forever wild” forest preserve and the remaining half of the park is private land, The Adirondack Park is an ideal location to deconstruct environmental conflict and explore how park residents and visitors are encountering climate change. ADK Climate Project: Audio and Visual Archive The expectation for research students is that you collaborate with faculty mentors and the digital scholarship lab to catalogue and construct an archive of collected stories and art collected as part of the ADK Climate Stories Project. This research is for credit. This project can be done remotely. Questions? Contact: for more information. Weekly meetings with the DSL and faculty members will take place during the semester.