Improving Game Emulators
University of Rochester
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Posted 44 days ago
40 hours/week
Class of 2026, 2025, 2024
Decision by 05/19/2023
Engineering/ Math/ Computer Science
Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gaming emulators, like xboxemu/xemu and yuzu, allow people to play games without having the original hardware. They do this by recreating the original hardware in software. Emulators are important for many reasons, one of which is to preserve old games. However, since emulators are recreated from scratch, they may differ from the original hardware in subtle ways. In this project, the student will study existing emulators and their fidelity to the original hardware using many techniques. This is an NSF REU and funding is only available for US citizens, US persons, or US permanent residents. [Edit 5/25: This position is now filled]
Desired Experience
Programming experience in Python and C, knowledge of Linux preferred. Should be able to download, compile, install game emulators from the Internet. A course in Computer Organization strongly recommended, knowledge of compilers and program analysis preferred.
About the Mentor

Sreepathi Pai

Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering
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